The Australian electoral commission's draft boundary redistribution for Dunkley

Earlier this month the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) released its proposal for the redistribution of Victorian electoral boundaries.

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Earlier this month the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) released its proposal for the redistribution of Victorian electoral boundaries.

Members of the Dunkley community will be aware of my tireless advocacy for all Dunkley residents and I value and am proud of each and every resident and organisation that I represent.

The proposed loss of the people of Mornington and the part of Baxter that I currently represent in the Australian Parliament are a significant loss to me and to Dunkley, particularly when I have projects like the $2 million Mornington Little Athletics track and the federally-funded $3 million business plan to extend metro rail to Baxter on the go.

It is an honour to serve as a member of parliament, and I am humbled by the responsibility and faith in me by the community. I also look forward to taking in the new proposed areas of Carrum Downs, Skye and Sandhurst if I have the honour of being their new representative.

I am committed to serving my constituents, whoever they may be, to the best of my ability, and I am already working to advocate on behalf of many residents in Skye, Carrum Downs and Sandhurst who have felt neglected by their local Labor members over the last 22 years.

The AEC has called for comment and objections on the draft boundaries by 6pm this Friday, 4 May 2018.

I have contacted many local organisations for their feedback, so that full consideration can be given to community character and where the links of communities of interest exist.

I thank the many constituents and community groups who have contacted me thus far, wanting to be involved.

We are nearing the end of the comment and objection stage, and therefore I call for any other individuals or organisations with an interest in this process to lodge their views with the AEC by Friday.

When considering objections, under Section 66 of the Electoral Act, the AEC is required to ‘give due consideration, in relation to each proposed Electoral Division, to:

  1. community of interests within the proposed Electoral Division, including economic, social and regional interests;
  2. means of communication and travel within the proposed Electoral Division;
  3. the physical features and area of the proposed Electoral Division; and
  4. the boundaries of existing Divisions in the State or Territory’.

Objections themselves can be:

Redistribution Secretariat for Victoria
Australian Electoral Commission
GPO Box 768
Melbourne VIC 3001

The draft redistribution report can be viewed here:

The map demonstrating the proposed changes can be viewed here:

If anyone with an interest in this process has any questions or comments about the redistribution process, I encourage them to contact me and I would be happy to hear their thoughts or answer any questions they may have.

The redistribution process is an important one, making sure that all constituents across Australia are represented equally and that our system of democracy is equitable and effective. It is an exciting process to be a part of.

It is important that all views are represented and heard in this process and I encourage concerned residents and community groups to ensure that they have their say.

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