2018-19 Budget - Major infrastructure investment for Dunkley

The Australian Government has announced significant funds for major infrastructure investment and job creation for residents of Dunkley in the 2018-19 Federal Budget.

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The Australian Government has announced significant funds for major infrastructure investment and job creation for residents of Dunkley in the 2018-19 Federal Budget.

Member for Dunkley Chris Crewther MP welcomed the announcement of major national projects today saying he was excited to see the full list of projects on Tuesday night when the Treasurer addresses the Parliament.

“The extension of metro rail from Frankston to Baxter is a project that has been discussed for more than 100 years and is sorely needed by the growing Dunkley community,” Mr Crewther said.

“The Turnbull Coalition Government has committed and budgeted $225 million to get works underway on the electrification and duplication of the Frankston train line to Baxter, which is crucial for our local area.

“I am sure that this announcement will be welcomed by many in our region. This project will benefit our local community and is an example of the Coalition Government taking real action to better connect our community, provide growth and business opportunities, alleviate parking pressures in the Frankston CBD, improve education opportunities through better access to the Monash University Peninsula Campus and hopefully provide park and ride facilities at a number of local train stations.”

Mr Crewther emphasised that the electrification to Baxter will also mean less time commuting for many residents in Frankston City and the Mornington Peninsula, and more time at home with family and doing the things that really matter.

“I’m pleased to see the Turnbull Coalition Government taking seriously an infrastructure project that will bring a huge series of benefits to residents in Dunkley and beyond,” he said.

“The electrification and duplication of the Frankston line has been central in my advocacy at the federal level, something which I have been working towards achieving since even before my election into the federal parliament.

“I’m pleased that this project, which I have advocated for since before my election to Parliament, has been embraced by the Federal Government. I look forward to the federally-funded business case study for the electrification being completed and works to begin in the foreseeable future on this important local project, which I am hopeful will see additional stations built at Karingal, Frankston Hospital and Langwarrin.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack said every State and Territory is seeing the benefits of this Government’s long term vision with more investment into congestion busting projects in our urban areas and safer and more efficient transport networks to our regional areas.

“The Liberal and Nationals Government is delivering a record $75 billion investment in infrastructure and transport projects focused on building local communities, connecting the regions and our cities, busting congestion and boosting productivity, while creating local jobs,” Mr McCormack said.

“For the first time, the Government has committed to a 10 year Infrastructure Investment Pipeline. This long-term Pipeline recognises our major infrastructure projects take many years to plan, design and deliver, while showing this Government will deliver the infrastructure our nation needs into the future.

“Residents and businesses need certainty in terms of how their community develops and where it is heading, and that’s what we are delivering.”

Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities Paul Fletcher said the 2018 Budget was a blueprint for delivering the transformational roads and rail required to meet the growing needs of modern Australia.

“The Turnbull Government has a clear focus on easing congestion and improving connectivity in our cities and suburbs and the 2018 Budget is the roadmap for how we will achieve this,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The Government is committed to improving Australia’s rail network, ensuring people can move around our city centres more efficiently and better connecting our cities and our regions.”

More programs and projects will be announced in 2018-19 Federal Budget Treasurer’s Address from 7:30pm on Tuesday 8 May.

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