2017 Federal Budget Delivers for Dunkley

Dunkley is set to greatly benefit from the Coalition’s Federal Budget handed down on Tuesday night, with substantial funding committed to the electorate.

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Dunkley is set to greatly benefit from the Coalition’s Federal Budget handed down on Tuesday night, with substantial funding committed to the electorate.

Member for Dunkley, Chris Crewther MP, said that he was delighted by the budget which will profoundly benefit the Dunkley community.

“The Federal Government is making the right choices to ensure our nation’s economic growth story continues, so we can secure better days ahead for hard working Australians”, Mr Crewther said.

Schools in Dunkley are set to to benefit with a total increase in Federal Government funding of $331 million over the next ten years.

“Every school in Dunkley – all 51 of them – will have their funding secured and increased under our fairer, needs-based Gonski funding model”, Mr Crewther said.

“Importantly, our increased funding will be tied to reforms that evidence shows make a real difference to supporting our teachers and schools to improve student outcomes. This is a fair system, that is good for students, good for parents and good for teachers.”

The Coalition has indicated it will continue to provide record funding for health and Medicare, and guarantee Medicare’s future with a dedicated fund which will protect these vital services for this generation and the next.

“We have already seen a record number of Australians in Dunkley accessing these vital services,” Mr Crewther said.

“Last financial year there were 862,173 GP services in the electorate bulk billed. The GP Bulk Billing rate in Dunkley was at 82.9% last financial year.”

The much anticipated National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be also rolled out on the Peninsula and will be fully funded.

“Once fully rolled out, the NDIS will directly help an estimated 2,431 people in Dunkley,” Mr Crewther said.

Other benefits for Dunkley include tax relief for small businesses and extending the instant asset write-off for another 12 months.

“The tax cuts for small businesses, down to 27.5% from 1 July, will have a huge impact on Dunkley, where 99% of businesses will benefit from these changes,” Mr Crewther said.

“In fact, there are 16,000 small-medium businesses in Dunkley who will directly benefit”.

Through reforms that recently passed through the Parliament, the Government is also making child care more accessible and affordable – providing the greatest level of assistance for those that need it most.

“Childcare is incredibly important for families in Dunkley. There are currently 6,040 families in the electorate that use Government-supported childcare,” Mr Crewther said.

“We are also ensuring that children in Dunkley can access 15 hours of preschool a week under a new agreement for early childhood education.”

“This will mean, for example, that families on incomes less than $65K will receive an 85% rebate on childcare fees, with the Government abolishing the rebate cap of $7500 altogether for families earning up to $185K.”

“More than 2,421 children in Dunkley are set to reap the benefits of the additional $3 million in funding for Dunkley announced by the Turnbull Government for preschool education.”

Importantly, the Government will also ensure we live within our means so that we reach surplus by 2021.

Other benefits for Dunkley following the Federal Budget include:

  • Additional money has been unlocked to give funding certainty to homelessness services. $375 million dollars is the latest contribution towards looking after Australia’s and Dunkley’s most vulnerable people.
  • The Roads to Recovery programme carries over funding for many of my election commitments, and I am pleased that this will be continued.
  • Pension concession cards will be issued to 92,000 Australians, including many in my electorate.
  • $1.2 billion to provide cheaper access to vital medicines.
  • Further strengthening our support for mental health and suicide prevention with a package over $170 million
  • All past and current service personnel who have undertaken at least one-day full time service will benefit from easier access to free mental health support and services. Enhanced access to counselling from the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service will benefit partners and dependants of contemporary veterans. This includes the 1,130 veterans and their families living in Dunkley.
  • A review into retail electricity prices to ensure Australian families are not being ripped off and manufacturing jobs are secured, as well as delivering Snowy Hydro 2.0 – a project that will provide energy security for the eastern seaboard and create thousands of construction jobs – and expanding the Tasmanian Hydro system.
  • A one-off Energy Assistance Payment this year of $75 for single recipients and $125 per couple for those eligible for qualifying payments on 20 June 2017 and who are resident in Australia. Qualifying payments include the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Parenting Payment Single and a range of veterans payments. This will assist more than 27,000 people in the electorate of Dunkley.

“This budget ensures that we as a nation are in a good place going forward. We are fortunate to be in a comparatively positive financial position, and this budget is about making sure that we make the right choices, live within our means, operate on a basis of fairness, ensure our security and have plenty of opportunities in our days ahead.”

“I look forward to serving, as part of the Coalition Government, my constituents in Dunkley as we implement this budget.”

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