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Mount Eliza
$500,000 Australian Government Funding for Kindred Clubhouse

The Australian Government is providing $500,000 to help establish a local program to support people with moderate to severe mental illness in the Frankston/Mornington Peninsula area.

Fixing Road Black Spots a Priority for Dunkley

The Black Spot Program saves lives through targeting dangerous roads and delivering critical safety improvements to significantly reduce the risk of crashes, which could be as simple as a new roundabout or realignment.

July Newsletter

Chris Crewther's Corner

Spring Newsletter

Welcome to Crewther’s Corner, outlining some of the exciting things happening in the Dunkley electorate.

Dunkley students take a stand against bullying

Schools in Dunkley have taken a stand against bullying today, with students set to participate in the country’s key annual anti-bullying event.

Safer school trips with new Mount Eliza drop-off zone

Parents in the seaside town of Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula can now drop their children off at the local public school in safety following the construction of a new carpark on Canadian Bay Road.

Delivering road safety upgrades to Mount Eliza

The Federal Coalition Government, through the Roads to Recovery Programme, is continuing to upgrade the safety and quality of local roads in Dunkley with the most recent focus, Two Bays Road in Mount Eliza, to be reconstructed in coming months, with $1,825,000 of federal funding.

Conservation an inter-generational project in Mount Eliza

Our local Dunkley environment and a new generation of job-seekers are better off, with the graduation of some of the federally funded Green Army teams in Dunkley last week.

Win for child safety as Canadian Bay road car park goes ahead

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and VicRoads have reached an agreement that will allow the $280,000 Federally funded upgrade of the car park on the corner of Canadian Bay Road and Nepean Highway to go ahead.

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